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Cryptominers Are Driving Up Prices of Graphics Cards

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2018, 01:29
by Blín D'ñero
"With availability consumed by the cryptocurrency mining market, there is little chance for any PC gamer to find a graphics card in stock, let along close to the expected price point," Shrout Research's Ryan Shrout told CNBC. "Because of that, many enthusiasts and DIY builders are putting off system builds and upgrades completely, setting up an unfortunate situation for all other component vendors from processors to motherboards to storage."

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[...]The issue with all this, according to the outlet, is the fickle nature of the crypotmining scene; [...]
i don't know what crypotmining is, but this is ruining the system building for me and many like me.

AMD: i'm skipping Vega 64, not paying 700+ euros for one card. :thdown: