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Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:30
by Blín D'ñero

Saboteur; see The Saboteur

3 / 10
Nahh... An oldie, when i bought it (2002?) i hoped for sparkling gaming, but it turned out an rpg on a magical land with psychedelic characters and monsters, not my type of game at all.

Saints Row 2
Bought it from the salesbin, €2.99! :D
Only just started, it's fun. The player is a leader and not, like in GTA3, some dumbass slave for the mobsters. You create your own 'gangleader' that you like to play. So mine is an obese hispanic middleaged woman and i love the humour and power.

5 / 10
Myst imitation. Not bad at all in its genre.

Scorpion Disfigured
2 / 10
Terrible product. I give it one point for the attempt though, as worse rubbish than this does exist.

Serious Sam 3 -BFE
4 / 10
It looks good, except the Sam character which looks and sounds incredibly retarded and proud of it. In the FMV's he's a moron, an imbecile. Stunning contrast to the lovely and very well done maps. Very atmospheric and detailed environment, the ruined arabic town, and inside the ruined museum! But it's rediculously hectic with those massive hordes of clones attacking. It is MUCH too much an adrenaline pumping chain of attacks while running dodging bullets stomps and explosions, without much of a strategy. Unprecise: if your shooting location is close to a windows edge, your bullets may just vanish even though your crosshair is full on the target. If you're standing like 12 meters away from an enemy just press Melee ("E") and you're taking his heart out. I mean: you don't have to come closer to grab him, the game just skips that. The crab-like giant boss species is unbelievably dumb: if you hide behind one of those small kiosks, it will shoot the kiosk. So after each wave of his bullets you can just show yourself and shoot him 3 times, it's so silly!
Very repetitious, at times funny. The ruined museum would be perfect for Tomb Raider! :thup:
The gorgeous extensive Egyptian sphynx temples and pyramides maps... so well done they deserve a better game. Or rather: a really good game instead of this awful load of moronic crap.

Severance - Blade of Darkness.
6 / 10
Good oldie

Shade - Wrath of Angels.
2 / 10
Attempts but fails.

Shadow Man.
* / 10
Pc version is very clumsy, i don't know how to rate this.

Shadow Ops - Red Mercury.
2 / 10

Shaun White's Skateboarding
8 / 10
I just started it.
Oh noo! It tries to incorporate a story! The skateboarder represents color and freedom, and the rest of humanity is a dull clone in a grey suit carrying a briefcase. The skateboarder sets some of those people free. I just freed an idiot called Bob. An awful rediculous rubbish story, accompanied by 70ies-style rockmusic. 80-ies new wave style music, it's all annoying crapmusic. Luckily there's a slider for that and it goes to zero! :thup:
BUT the gameplay, and graphic presentation are perfect. Big fun. Fortunately i forget everything when playing, and then i got a reward...: i could choose a hat, a cap. But i already had one: when you create your character, at the hair section you can scroll up for a cap, i picked it up before the game even began! A reward that isn't a reward... and weird, psychopathic people you meet like cokesniffer Bob (who owns a shop)... hmm what will this game lead to?
Anyway it's addicitive to learn and perform and explore and get the tricks into your fingers.
Complaints: Despite what it says in Options>Controls: "Input Device: Keyboard + Mouse", except for the menus, there's no mouse control at all.
Portraying everybody else besides the skateboarders (bringers of freedom and color) as grey slaves of burocracy is... a mentally challenged decision, probably by someone like Bob in the development team. :roll: Still i can't help it: this is a really good game.

Shellshock Nam '67.
1 / 10
Rediculously (the vietnamese with those silly hats) clumsy game.

Silent Hill 4: The Room.
1 / 10
Into the dustbin with it.

Sin 1.
7 / 10
Action-packed and very good!

Sin Episodes - Emergence.
8 / 10
Very very good! And i love the girl! :cute:
Based on the Source engine, with attractive improvements in gameplay and looks (realistic windows glass breaking, in parts, with melee (Q), also to break boxes for goodies, hang out of the car's window and look around while she's driving) and it swings and is fun. And the fun of the creators splashes from it. Character's expressions and the voiceacting are very well done. The final battle is too hard though, it really takes all the available ammo around -and then some- to kill that chopper. One of the very rare bad designed elements, luckily it's at the very end..
The add-on "Arena" is not so good: unprecise, unreliable, unbalanced, with incorrect statistics system.

5 / 10
Just started. The intro movie's voice-over seems to be done by my favourite voice from History Channel's The Universe series! :thup: Not absolutely sure though, don't know his name.
Game seems good sofar. Except that the nonsense starts right away in the presentation: At the gate, not one Lenin statue, but two of them: mirrored. Can only happen in a bazar. "Using" the microphone, a (not the player's) voice starts explaining the use of E99... that's not how a microphone works, what's this nonsense. Via taperecorders lying everywhere on the floors and on the ground in the rain, recordings provide you information, like the projected movies, introducing you into the world on the island and the paper notes along the path you're supposed to take. That and the posters on the wall, all in 50's style, remind of Bioshock. Something went wrong in the texture design: trees have a metal surface, rocks have a watery blistering.
Once you get the Valkyrie gun and meet Devlin the game really sets off as a tasty first person monster shooter. Very responsive controls, simply setup as it should be although i don't understand why they gave both "Reload" and "Use" the same key "R".
Way too many enemies respawning at the same time, it's rediculous. More than 10 from that helicopter (is that normal?), i finish them off with sniper headshots but the game seems to force upon me a need to retreat from the radio tower so it spits out an endless can of enemies. Hmm. Somewhat lame.

Sniper: Path of Vengeance.
2 / 10

Sniper Ghost Warrior Gold Edition.
3 / 10
Unimaginable horrible shit. At least it shows an attempt to a sniper game, but fail, fail and fail. There's no way you can go down using the rope. So eventually you jump/slide along the cliff until you reach the bottom and survive it. Minutes later, after you are half done killing everybody in sight, you can still hear your partner way back yelling "use the rope to get down!" I thought this was a sniper game? No, at several parts you get to just mow yourself a way with an unprecise gun. But the worst (so far) is when you're supposed to ambush two trucks from a 100 meters high rock, the red wind retina in your crosshair turns out to be just for decoration: you hit the guys on the ground but they keep running, and although YOU are the one with the sniper gun, THEY are the ones REALLY hitting you in the head with their normal guns! From 100 meters below mind you! :nuts:
Your guide ("Mother 2"), the female voice, mentions "twelve o'clock". It is totally unclear what she means, because the two trucks and the enemies shooting at you are all at twelve o'clock. The moment you die, you hear her say: "Nice job!". :nuts: Once i no longer rely on the retina let alone the crosshair i seem to make more hits. Sometimes when it says ""F" replace AS 50 with Dragunov" i keep hitting "F" but nothing happens.

Later on in the game, you plant fuses on a plantage; you first dispose of all badguys around, then after planting a fuse the next set of badguys pop out of nowhere close to you.
By the way, it is safest to hide behind explosive containers. You run to the next planting location, run almost into the next two badguys, they see you but paralyse like baby deer, easy kills.
Guards are useless: always looking the other way they're waiting to be killed. But after you radiocontacted via the radio you found in the shed (because you lost your phone), and your order is to escape the location awaiting the chopper, a timer starts counting down. You start losing health. Apparently they are shooting at you while you run but there's no sound of shots. And then: HORRIBLE DISLOCATION OF CHECKPOINT: AFTER THE COUNTER!!! Suddenly you're surrounded by badguys at approx 30 meters killing you instantly -close to a turret that you were supposed to use to DEFEND YOURSELF" (as the text onscreen says just before you die)! It's only a few steps but you can't get there, 2 healthpacks quickly applied within the 1½ seconds you get isn't enough to survive. "Failure! You are dead" says the screen. You didn't find the turrent within the time, so now you're in a dying loop. Failure is this game.
I replayed the entire chapter twice -which is rediculously easy- and this time made a savegame (just incase) before using the radio, plus i found the turret in time. And what a turret it is! It rattles and shakes só heavily that it is hard to aim and see who's shooting at you. And then when the chopper finally arrives, dismounting the turret fails (you're stuck to it), or you manage but get instantly killed. But finally it worked and you escape in a cutscene. What a mess.
After latino's free you from captivity, you have to sneak your way through a camp and may absolutely not "get spotted" and trigger the alarm. Well, It is unclear what triggers the alarm, because when i am never spotted (none of the guys i kill through the scope shows a sign that he has seen me, or i am shooting from a dark barn where no-one could ever see me), the alarm goes off. And the guys that notice me and look me 'in the eye' when i have them in my scope before i kill them, don't trigger the alarm! It's an odd bunch anyway: every guy i finish with my snipergun dies with a growl yet none of the others seem to hear it and hit the alarm button. But they all DO look alerted into the sky. If you ignore the white dots pointed out to you where you are supposed to go, you are punished with failure. If you have passed the first group successfully, and then from the dark barn on the left side of the bridge kill the two unsuspecting guys on the bridge, the alarm goes off and the screentext lies "you have been spotted!". Just obey and crawl to the white dot on the right. After you enter the water under the bridge, the latino voice says "do not engage". I suppose he should have said that before i reached the dark barn on the left...
And another mission -sniping from a tower- fails whereas crosshair and retina lie about your aiming. :roll: ... and on and on... what a frustrating waste of time.

Sniper: Elite V2.
8 / 10
Very, very good WW2 sniper game. Very thrilling and atmospheric, well made. I play at hardest difficulty, then you really get some challenge and resistance.
It is by far not perfect, and sometimes the controls fail; a few examples:
  • it needs a few retries before he finally mounts a turret;
  • or often he refuses to dismount;
  • using the turret, the gas canister of a truck refuses to explode
  • he refuses to pick up a body (to hide it), and then gets shot because the attempts took too long
, there's a horribly buggy part where you have to prevent that Schwaiger gets killed but whichever of the 3 Krauts you kill first, it's always wrong, "mission failed, schwaiger was killed". It is pure luck and coincidence when you finally are able to pass this part, but then he often gets killed by new Krauts anyway, and the checkpoint is before that, so you'll have to start all over with the buggy part.
Nevertheless, the game has got some of the essential parts of a shooter game exactly right. And it lacks a lot of checkpoints, which makes for real challenges that can be enormously frustrating at times.

Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior.
7 / 10
Pretty good game, although with quite some flaws, and unfinished graphics. Although it's built on Cryengine 3, often it seems you're in a 2004 shooter game. But its specialty of 'sniper approach' makes it really different to most other shooters.
Checkpoints seem oddly placed, and that is not just because when you alert individuals in the crowd of enemies it's best to start all over. In many cases when you die you are set back two, three leaps, completely unnecessary. But then again: you want challenge, well, do it all over and make sure to not make a single mistake this time. It does effectively add to the suspense.
There aren't many options.
The story is fine and the environments are gorgeous, too bad there's no time to enjoy them.
You're constantly reminded that you're a sniper: after you freed yourself from captivity with only a simple revolver and just 4 bullets ("only 4 bullets, dammit! Looks like it's up close and personal, from now."), you silently (knife) kill from behind a guard who drops a rifle. But you cannot even pick it up!!! In the process of escaping, you already have a pistol, now you could add a rifle. But no, not allowed! Stupid. I call that a flaw. :-|-:
This happens several times; two levels contain parts where you only have a pistol for a while. At some point you accidentally lose (scripted) your sniper-rifle. On your way downhill to retrieve it, you kill a hostile, who drops his assault-rifle. You cannot even pick it up. :nuts: On the other hand: you don't need it, and it turns out it's better you sneak quietly past the next group of hostiles.
The game is short, and could be worked out better. Despite its flaws it is thrilling and because the AI is generally pretty easily alerted there's the suspense you want in a shootergame.

Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix.
8 / 10
One of my alltime favourites. One of the first games i learned playing first person shooters from! :D

Soldier of Fortune: Payback
1 / 10
Poor dull rubbish. You kill dozens of clones of the same mercenary (all that changes is the outfit per location) in your path to your target, the main badguy who doesn't give up untill he's had 100's bullets in the head.
Basically this game is a disaster, what is served as a 'storyline' is thinner than air, and the protagonist's voice-over seems to come from a guy with a beer in his hand trying to sound tough and mean reading the words from paper.
In the first playthrough, (patch v1.1 installed), the game displayed a serious defect (probably their Havok implementation): the target (enemy) and crosshair were a few meters out of synch. Aimed roughly 2 ~ 3 ~ 5 meters around the guy turned the crosshair red, and when you hit, the rubber corpses launched like popcorn bouncing all over the place, often shaking heavily till they disappear. Crap, even enemies running towards you kicking and slamming, despite you firing from closeby, touching them- weren't hurt a bit but you're quickly dead. But then, gradually, the aiming crosshair became accurate for a while, and finally, in the russian brothel level the weapon accuracy was suddenly restored and no more popcorn bodies. And after finishing the game, start new game: indeed the problem has mysteriously solved itself!
Nevertheless, the poorly crafted game remains utter, utter crap.
Another €5,- (salesbin) wasted.

South Park The Stick Of Truth
9 /10
Excellent game, and hilarious. Give me more.

Splinter Cell.
8 / 10
Yes. Good, thrilling.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
7.5 / 10

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
7.5 / 10

Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
7.0 / 10
The bugs are rediculous, controls unprecise/unresponsive. I think i found the previous SC's better.

Splinter Cell: Conviction.
8 / 10
Very good. Thread. Anything negative about it? Too easy, even on 'Realistic' (whatever that is supposed to be, there's not much realistic about this game), and the american chauvinism.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
4 / 10
A fall deep down into a pool of rediculousness. Details on the man and the woman (in the HQ) are high definition. For what obscure reason?! Playing the levels it's like you're in a 2003 game. Incidentally the suspense is working in the "situations" (spots where you can be noticed surrounded by enemies), but the AI or lack thereof most of the times- is annoying. Checkpoint system makes that ten times worse. Way below what you can expect from a 2012 game. What an absolute crap product. Not to be played by any sane person.

8.5 / 10
Very very very good.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky.
6 / 10
I can't get into it... i hate the hazardous area at the start... I began to realise i actually hate the game. Or, am not attracted to it enough to play through. And why this awkward conversation system with texts to click on... why not normal talking fgs. :eh:
OK update, i managed it. But where's the thrill i had with Stalker 1. The game makes me feel claustrofobic in a bad way, makes me want to quit game.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat.
5 / 10
What am i doing here. Quit game.

State of Emergency.
2 / 10
Fun for the kids i suppose.

7 / 10
Just bought from the salesbin. Installed and only had a brief tryout. Game looks very good, plays excellently. Weird how he slides his butt over every surface he finds. Or maybe it's me not used to the controls yet. And it takes too many clicks to exit the game. But this game has style, and i like the guy.

Supreme Snowboarding.
6 / 10
Simple. Fun.

Swat3 - Close Quarters Battle.
2 / 10
I'm not a 'swat' fan. "Command your team" and then get judged according to 'official professional police squad standards'!? I don't want a study, i want a dynamic instant-action adventurous counterstrike game!

1 / 10
I totally detest it. The visual style, the controls, the product...

Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:31
by Blín D'ñero

Tactical Ops.
4 / 10
Talking about a buggy, extremely unbalanced game...

The Great Escape.
3 / 10

The House of The Dead.
1 / 10

The Saboteur
8½ / 10
Weird mixture of hilarious, rediculous, exciting and entertaining. WW2 resistance as a sport. The free roaming is nice! This is GTA3 done right: not a silly idiot doing jobs for the mobsters but a fearless, passionate, and incredibly agile saboteur against the nazis occupying beautifully detailed vast Paris region. Hilarious conversations, brilliantly flavoured with Devlin's Irish humour; all voice acting is very well done. Many challenges, big fun to find different ways to successfully complete. And amongst uncountable ways to kill enemies, Assassin's Creed style treasure- and 'scenic view' hunting, and finding shelter in dedicated 'hiding' places till alarm on your person is over. Paths are subtly hinted by dimmed yellow glow.
Great game. Despite the crappy engine and silly flaws most of which are easy to overcome or live with - less so the uncountable bugs, like complete system freezes causing many hours of playingtime wasted as progression isn't saved or it crashes during saving (this seems to happen only in the first parts of the game)...
or just a few randomly picked: The practically useless Map consisting of two layers that should correspond but don't at all ("set target" is impossible)... after certain mission finding that all already destroyed nazi snipernests, armor divisions etc. are back again, re-destroying gives no new reward, even worse: driving around a block and returning they again reappear ... all that effort for nothing... after Lambs to the Slaughter and rescuing Veronique, Slaughterhouse Garage is back and working, but gets no icon in the mini-GPS, and in the Belle the nazis are back and standing next to them gives suckerpunch option but doesn't work of course (nothing happens), and the fueling station in the center that you destroyed in the beginning of the game (first assignment) is back again, re-destroying gives no reward either... Rediculously with a turret cannon you can always take down a Zeppelin, yet many snipernests are considered too far away (your bullets don't reach them)... Bugs like the (Panther) Tank cannon starting to spin slowly or fast as a helicopter, which stops when Sean exits the tank but continues when he re-enters... After destroying a snipers nest, the guard in them sometimes may stay alive standing high up in air, some towers even reappear from certain distance but stay gone close-by... Cars (the Kaisers in particular, and the tractor) that refuse to turn the wheels, or cars get stuck in textures unable to free them... the sound of the aeroplanes that are triggered when approaching "warzone"(end of map) too close that keeps roaring endlessly even after you're back in town again, ....and many other reasons you have to reload, losing any progress, so in the end many tens of hours i spent on this game are down the drain... but despite all this sort o'crap a multitude of hours of pure, actionpacked, addictive fun. Some bugs are even usefull. like thrown (exploded!) grenades can be picked up again and re-used.
Ehmm... on my 5th playthrough again i think i've had it with this game. After the 'destroy chemical factory' mission -which i this time did in a Panther tank during alarm level 4 (the game allowed me, so why not), driving back into direction of slaughterhouse it turns out that in the Gare de l'Est, and randomly around in the countryside, all previously destroyed nazi snipernests, occupationtowers, armordivisions, air searchlights and turrets, wulftanks, rocketlaunch installations, generals, are back again, after re-destroying them (no rewards whatsoever) they even reappear. :-|-: Solved by exiting game and rebooting PC. Saboteur is a very enjoyable game but this sort o'bug ruins it at moments. In the end, it's a pearl, not in the least because of the Sean character (superb voice acting), worth playing 5 times in a row.
I've started my 6th time. Because it's a whole lotta fun. More than most other games around.
Update: now also at start of mission "destroy L'Ossuaire" most nazi armor divisons and snipernests have mysteriously restored again, and as i expected after mission complete they're gone again. Buggyness....
More info on the engine this game is built on, Odin.

The Ship.
5 / 10
Original and gets my full respect for that, but i don't like the gameplay, sorry.

The Suffering.
4 / 10

The Thing.
5 / 10
Well done game. But I'm not very fond of squad games so i won't ever pick it up again and finish it...

The Witcher.
I just started it, not much to say yet. So far: too much talk from so evidently american actors (protagonist a semi-transvestite), in a world with elven and dwarfs and witchers, but this seems a compelling and very well made game nonetheless. The environments are looking very good, and the sound is excellent.
Getting used to the controls. You cannot fall into a hole or off a wall, you have invisible protection. When two guys attack you, one waits till you have killed the other one. <- Oh no not true. That was just the first tutorial. Higher up the wall two guys attack simultaneously! :D Later even three! Using L-Shift+mouse you can select different combat style, that's nice! :thup:
Enemies that you have just killed, quickly become an -incomplete- skeleton with some meat remains.
Many places are inaccessable, oh well. You can't fall off a wall, and you can't jump/vault over the low barrier between lower staircases to take shortcuts downwards, i mean stairway-jaywalking... no: you have to walk around the edge to neatly follow the staircase up or down. You don't actually lower the bridge: you press a button and a scripted animation takes over the game, followed by a movie with long discussions between the characters, before you get the control back.
The game installs a Tagès driver that is not compatible with Windows 7 x64, luckily you can uninstall it. Windows x64 will say "The Driver is blocked due to compatibility issues" each time at bootup. Run the Tagès Setup, it will uninstall it, problem solved.

Thief: Deadly Shadows.
6 / 10

Thief: The Dark Project.
6 / 10

Thief (2014).
3 / 10
Thief (2014) is one of the worst games i have ever played. I even stopped at the (i believe it was) the end boss fight not because it was too hard but because it was too imbecile. The whole game i had to drag myself to continue and endure the many horrible moments and twists.

There is hardly any moment in Thief where you are not considered a moron, or an 8-year old (despite the violence).

Sometimes, the sneakily trying to steal stuff out of a room while a guard in there is walking circles or even sleeping, was a little bit like an old game (you know, way back when many games didn't look too good but played good!), i said a little bit because it soon got ruined by completely erratic behavior of the opponent like noticing while they couldn't possibly or even worse: not noticing while they should. But the end boss (at least i think it was because i stopped there) i mentioned above has no credibility and it was way too obvious that this part is programmed to just annoy the crap out of the player and make him feel weak.

To the devs i'd like to say: programming an annoying idiotic algorithm is no substitute to programming a challenge that would make a game interesting.

Creating a game is a form of art. These guys -Square Enix, the same who made the other almost worst crap game Deus Ex: Human Revolution- are not capable.

A waste of time to play it.
I know i know. You want to see it for yourself. So you install it... start playing... thinking 'hey that's promising and the environment is looking marvellous. This can't be a bad game'.
Be prepared for the slaps with dead fish in your face that follow.
What is theft about this game is the money you payed.

If you enjoyed Deus Ex HR (with those many, gigantic ventilation shafts with easy entrance on ground level...) then indeed jump -but head first- into this diarrhea puddle called Thief.

Tomb Raider 1 + Temple of the Cat.
9 /10
Absolute top.

Tomb Raider 2 + Golden Mask.
9 /10
Absolute top.

Tomb Raider 3 + The Lost Artifact.
9 /10
Absolute top.

Tomb Raider 4 - The Last Revelation.
9 /10
Absolute top.

Tomb Raider 5 - Chronicles .
8.5 /10
Absolute top. Though shame of the buggy Red Alert level.

Tomb Raider - Level Editor.
9 / 10
Absolute top. The various custom levels made with it by the fans. 100s i played.

TRLE Gold 04 - Lara at the Movies.
9 / 10
Absolute top. Custom levels project made by fans.

Tomb Raider 6: Angel Of Darkness.
6.5 / 10
Semi-disappointing. Horrible controls and horrible Lara movements. The game takes twice the time by waiting for Lara to react to the controls with all her movements (worst are up and down stairs, the slow start for her jogging (in the first half of the game before she actually gains the power to really run), the walk key, and the weird auto-aim whenever she holds a pistol aiming not at the enemy or a rat but at something invisible through a wall, etcetera. Strong points are the atmosphere, the sound (ingame audio and the music) and the voice acting, as well as the large middle-section in the game (Hall of Seasons) with the challenges. The control system however is so bad that the game doesn't so much contain challenges but rather torture. The scenario is an insult to logic and intelligence. Nevertheless it has a few -rare- beautiful moments.

Tomb Raider 7: Legend.
7 / 10
When it was first released i was astonished and impressed. But that was before Dark Messiah, even before Crysis.
Must have played it 50 times, was the best looking game at the time imo and i liked the new Lara and the new elements like expression, drama, and the checkpoint system.
Qua game(play) a sort of rehearsal (i thought) for the next generation of TR games. Controls a bit clumsy, not very intuitive, typical for console ports. A real sin is the interactive cutscenes. Also sinful IMO are the many spots you can't reach, like doors and alleys you can't even approach because of invisible blockade, the lame AI most of the time waiting to be killed by you except when throwing grenades. They let Lara say lame things like falling in love all over again with the ruins and mercs "getting into trouble". This 'contrast' (talking like a blasé posh lady but fighting like a gorilla) i find quite irritating. The biggest sin is the rediculous monsters that you can only kill by a ceremonial order of hitting/breaking targets. But actually, in Legend they aren't even that bad (as in Anniversary). Only the battle with the Amanda monster (Bolivia Redux) is plainly imbecile. The others are good, the Watermonster is fun! Who made the decisions here is no gamer. And it obviously was released before finished, seeing the many (most graphical) bugs...
Nevertheless, the game is one of the most beautifull i know. And the sound and music is very good too!
Replaying [sept 2010] i almost can't stand her being such a posh lady "falling in love with the ruins", the remarks (criticising the voice acting), and in a tone, as if this adventure is just a routine but you hear the voice actress is reading it from a script (easy routine there Lara), after beating a blades torture puzzle (which i know how to pass) "i should get one of these for the gym" -this sort of remarks, like the eyecontact with the player during the cutscene in the beginning just before entering the first ruin and killing the first pair of mercs, these are so utterly wrong! The ball puzzle where i enter with right shoulder touching the right wall but being spawned to the center once the ball starts rolling (so clumsy, this way of forcing you into the dumb position!), and after that, during the phone-conversation with headquarters instead of a decent lipmovement we get an idle moving head! There is an emphasis on gunfight, and complicating it. Why, Crystal Dynamics want it that way?

Tomb Raider 8: Anniversary.
7 / 10
Yes and no. Beautiful, and has very good moments. But also very disappointing overall. The manual saving after a checkpoint is now correct (unlike in Legend). But still the silly interactive cutscenes. :nono: And those rediculous timed sections in Atlantis and Egypt. The game is ruined by the obligatory attack methods to beat certain enemies: the T-Rex, the Centaurs OMG. Please CD: when killing, pistols take longer than laserbeams but in the end they should kill and break shields too. Away with those complex inventions, they are not challenging but clumsy! A simple way should always work too, like killing Takamoto (Legend)! The biggest sin is the rediculous bossfights that you are only allowed to manage by a ceremonial order of hitting/breaking targets (while shooting a million bullets from the pistols have no effect whatsoever).
So, i never got passed the Centaurs, isn't that pathetic?! Because they need a ritual killing to finish them off, and i never got that complete I almost got it, then missed, and so on and so on. This game is ruined at birth. By the mother (-f*n studio smoking weed).

Tomb Raider 9: Underworld.
7 / 10
Great, fantastic! The best sofar from Crystal.
Sadly, almost no replay value. Because the atmosphere is "canned", not open and mysteriously suggestive like the classic TR's. It is pointed out where you're supposed to go or not. And where you're not, it is impossible to go. Lara will bump her head and hands against an invisible blockade. Many ledges she should be able to grab or stand on are inaccessible just because. Stone ledges sticking out of walls that she can't grab simply because they don't have the grabbable/climbable look is a rediculous way of falling down and die. Or you spent an hour to find out how to reach that far away artifact only to discover she can just run/jump -while holding the jump button- that impossible distance just because the programmer made it possible for once. In several spots it shows she can jump 2 ~ 3 meters max, not 6. That's not playing right with the gamer's mind, it's just lame. Flickering camera so you lose control when Lara reaches a narrow opening above a toxic pool, so she falls in it and dies, the horrible checkpoint system of this game setting you way back before the entrance of a previous room forcing you to redo so much trivial stuff. That Lara is a super acrobat, in combat it doesn't make up for the fact that the ai has no intelligence whatsoever and the gunfights with humans are amongst the poorest i have ever encountered in a game, requiring 100's of bullets to kill each other from closeby. Fortunately this sort of combats is a rarity in the game (mainly on the ship, and around the temple).
There's not a lot to discover once you got each puzzle as they are intended. Instead of so beautiful and detailed they'd better put the effort in making more of the environments accessable (all ledges grabbable even when they're pointless); Lara's movements less likely to get stuck in an infinite loop against objects until you let go off the keys; getting rid of the checkpoint system.
Still, most of the puzzles are great, Lara's controls are smooth and precise, she's very very well propertioned (the cartoonesque disproportion very plausibly worked out) and beautiful.

Tomb Raider 10 (2013).
6½ / 10

Tomb Raider 11: Rise of the Tomb Raider
"Press E to interact."
The most important to the makers was apparently to make Lara and everything look as beautiful as possible. No one knows why. Tomb Raider never was about looks.
7 / 10

Total Overdose.
5 / 10
I quit somewhere at 1/3d.

Trackmania Original.
3 / 10

Tron 2.0.
4 / 10
Blinkey-blinkey. Probably good game, but too techno to hold my interest.

1 / 10
Sorry. Where's the dustbin.

True Crime - Streets of LA.
1 / 10
What a crap.

Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:32
by Blín D'ñero

7 / 10
Odd game. I had fun. Killing nazis is always fun.

UFO Aftermath
Strategy. Not my genre, so i can't rate it.

Unreal ll - The Awakening.
7 / 10
Good. Nothing wrong with it.

Unreal Tournament 2003.
7 / 10

Unreal Tournament 2004.
8 / 10
One absolute favourite. Because it is the only multiplayer game i have experience with, which was big fun until a few newly stept-in strangers/ started killing own teammates (including me) just for fun. This completely ruined multiplayer concept for me. Forgood.

Unreal Tournament 3.
8 / 10
Lovely! :thup: :D

URU - Ages Beyond Myst.
6 / 10
Beautiful alright. Didn't finish it though, and don't think i ever will.

Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:32
by Blín D'ñero

Vacantie Racer.
6 / 10
Translated it would be Holiday Racer. I just had lots of fun with it (back in 2001), the first dinkey-toy driving game i ever played, i fell of my chair from laughter. But that totally got crushed when i met Carmageddon TDR2000.

Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines.
? / 10
If my english weren't so weak i might have liked this game. But i can't play if it needs a dictionary with it.

Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption.
6 / 10

Velvet Assassin
Not installed yet

Vietnam: Black Ops.
? / 10
Outdated, too primitive engine to give a rating.

Vietcong 2.
6.5 / 10
Ok classic FPS.

Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:33
by Blín D'ñero

During installation you get to see pretty HD pictures... are they from ingame?
Ehhmmm... at Main Menu > Options > Video only offers Resolution, low res picture on the background... oh no. :wth: But then, " New Game" starts with an intro that actually doesn't look bad at all, and after that you' re immediately centre of the action... and it is spectacular! :D :thup:
Still: it's not my style to sympathise with gangsters. I just started the game, so we'll see how it ends.
The missions are fun but in the beginning i get to meet too much people, that takes the pace out of the game. I'm not interested in those gangsters, they're ugly and annoying people, i'd rather kill them.
Contrary to what the game wants you to believe you can only use E or C when the game thinks it is relevant. You must execute the mission very tightly in the way you're supposed to or it just won't work. Checkpoints in the middle of a mission means you can be in a burning car and are supposed to complete the mission with that. Stepping out to get a new car is instant "Mission Failed". So you have to drive in a burning car watching out for the enemies to get in focus so you can shoot them, and you must because hitting them with your car is not how you're supposed to complete this mission so that won't do the trick. You're not free at all. Arriving at the required place at the same time as the target means the target "arrived home safely"..ummm well: his car burns too, and i have a gun so how is he safe? The game has no answer to that; just retry mission from checkpoint in the burning almost dead car. :-|-: But i finally managed. How? Eventually i managed to shoot all gangsters from my car allright, but the limo kept on driving and was almost at the finishing-location. While the game ordered onscreen that i highjack the limo onflight (that just didn't work) i drove in front of him, pushing my back against his nose! So i was the one arriving first and he couldn't pass me by. I stopped and took over his car by pulling the guy out! It was accepted by the game! :D (A gunfight followed. Gunfights are extremely easy and forgiving -for the player).
Next mission is shooting an ambulance's tyres. When the game recommends onscreen to use a bike or convertable for the remaining 4th, i did it my way and shot the 4th tyre from my car (which wasn't easy), and it worked. So you're relatively free after all, i just need to get to know this game better.
I did some sightseeing in Barcelona, because it's looking pretty good.
Not at all bad this game, sofar. :)
The carchasing between you and gangsters and the rediculous amount of damage that doesn't stop anybody from continuing (and without any police reaction), you can drive a massive truck that's on fire without tyres (purely on metal wheels) for 20 minutes, still hitting opponents sideways. with all the collateral damage and driving over inncocents. and suddenly the game decides the 100 times over the top damage is too much and you get "Mission Failed - staying alive is a good idea" . It's all so over the top insane but not even in a funny way. Yet It IS entertaining untill you fail again. And again.
And in the end i can't say it deserves to be entertaining to teach a newspaper a lesson because they do not want to pay protection money to a Romanian gang. I mean what is this all about, it is so stupid, just like GTA3 was.

Wolfenstein (2009)
5 / 10
In the beginning it seems allright. The gaming action is quite good, and feels like a decent fps. But i hate the horrible checkpoint system without option to save, a deep throrough hate. It puzzles me why some devs rape their own game and take away the dynamic. Also hate the 'toggle' clunkyness in the -otherwise fine- controls; you have to rehit the 'toggle' key: zoom (on the rifle) stays untill you hit it again; same for running, and everything. Reading intelligence doesn't go instantly, it takes a few seconds to load a nazi voice-over who reads it for you! Why!? When i read a paper i expect to hear my own (Blazkowicz's) voice. Overall, the voice acting in this game is dull anyway. Poor language research (if at all): German for "Enemy" is Feind, not Fiend. So that's wrong on the posters, just like "Ja! Voller Seig" should be Voller Sieg". Proper german name is Erik Engel, not Eric Engle. Isenstadt must not be pronounced as Eisenstadt, that's an entirely different town, the "I" in Isenstadt must be pronounced as the "e" in "we" and not as the "y" in "why". And seeing a Dutch nazi poster on several walls is... peculiar.
Blazkowicz looks and sounds like a third-rate american TV-show actor who just woke up from a hangover. In the characters, conversations, effects (with the overload of powers) and scenario it lacks the raw edge of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It is smoothened, a Hollywoodened version. It is not subtle, mysterious or mean; it is course, blunt, and hugely overdone in the 'cinematic' effects department, the horrible scenario seems to have come from a 15-year old. It was a drag to finish the game and looking back i say it's a rediculous game. RTCW was very good, this is a bombastic POS. It lacks atmosphere (just like the voice acting lacks soul), hearing the US-Army-like "go go go!" coming from the nazi forces is hilarious, it's a roller coaster fun park american style.

Wolfenstein The New Order
9 / 10
Awesome! Many qualities. One (important) of which is that it's a true PC game. I haven't even finished it yet (almost i guess).
With games as good as this, flaws are easily forgiven.

Wolfenstein Old Blood
Bought blindly a few days after release, because i liked the previous (The New Order) so much. :thup:

Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:33
by Blín D'ñero

X2 - The Threat.
2 / 10

7.5 / 10
Comicbook style, very original. This is a fun game and well made. The style with the comicbook intervals (like MP) bores me quickly though. But where MaxPayne's weakness is the pedantic "comic noir in film style" style, in Xlll the lighthearted comicbook style is pleasant.

XPAND Rally.
? / 10
Beautiful environments. RR (realistic rally) but i don't care about RR.

Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:33
by Blín D'ñero

You Are Empty
3 /10
At start it seems pretty good! But that impression soon is killed by the monotonous attacks by clones in series. Before the factory, the crazy slapping woman comes in hordes, there's no defense except walking the other way around the pit... but watch out one step too far to the right makes you fall outside the game's map.
Strange for a 2007 game: there's no run option, and no grabbing objects like crates to pile them up, and no pulling yourself up.
Unjoyable is: one half-skullfaced longlegs bigtits nurse is surprising, the second (hey, i just killed your twin sister!) is fun. But when the clones keep coming it gets annoying. Just like the mad patient, too many clones running around.
When you are attacked by a zombie (they usually try to slash you) the whole screen becomes a brown blur.
The bearded old man giving you a key shows what is really horrible with this game: the voiceacting done by a 16 year-old dude couldn't be worse. What he tells before handing the key and stumbling away through the door in the back of his room ends with "...You can make it! Help! Arrgghhh...!" The game is a joke.
If you need to move a smaller box against larger boxes (that are too high to make a jump onto) it is done by walking against it, which makes it very hard for certain boxes to move them into the right direction. I managed to get a milk can as a step-up against the larger box, and from there i could jump high enough to normally allow me to proceed onto the larger box but the game just refused. Back to the smaller boxes then. Now if the box happens to get stuck in a corner or against a doorpost, the game ends there, there is nothing you can do at all. At that point i quit and uninstalled the crap game.

Re: My 3D-games list

PostPosted: 12 May 2011, 12:33
by Blín D'ñero