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Skyrim mods

Postby Blín D'ñero » 08 Feb 2012, 15:39

Whiterun HQ Texture Pack by by Chris2012. Get it HERE on his page at skyrimnexus.


High Quality eyes by Xenius HERE

Enhanced Galaxy-Not Aurorae by JD HERE

Enhanced Night Sky (Compatible with the Galaxy mod) by CptJoker HERE

Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder HERE

High Quality Food and Ingredients by icecreamshampoo HERE

Better Gold by VagabondAngel HERE

Better looking HD Furniture and barrels final __ hi-res texture replacer by quazaque HERE
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Re: Skyrim mods

Postby rditto48801 » 04 Apr 2012, 08:15

I can hear my graphics card begging for mercy just by looking at the HD texture thing.

I personally like mods that add to the crafting system, and which tweak magic. That is, to make magic stink less.

Got a mess of links somewhere.

Here are a few mods I like to use for assorted reasons.

For starters, mods that expand on the crafting and weapon/armor upgrading systems.

Vals Crafting Meltdown Alpha - Melting Smelting and Fletchin
Melt down just about anything. Only flaw is it has a hard time telling the difference between stuff in inventory that is equipped or not. Could go to smelt some regular Elven armor and have it smelt the Legendary Elven armor your character is wearing.
Also adds a few things for crafting arrows.
I would sort of compare it partly to the CRAFT mod for Fallout 3, since it also allowed breaking down junk and misc items for useful materials.

More Craftables
More crafting... lots and lots of more crafting. Might be a bit much for some people, as it allows even crafting of 'special' stuff, such as armors that is usually only found or earned. Much of it I ignore since I wouldn't craft it in the first place (such as the Falmer armor).

Lost Art of the Blacksmith
Adds to the 'list' of stuff that can be upgraded/improved, so that someone that has 'all' the smithing perks and max skill is not stuck with weapons/armor that cannot be improved to legendary.
It also adds a few crafting recipes, such as for the Pickaxe, Woodcutter's Axe, Lockpicks and silver swords.

Other useful mods.
Shadow Striping Fix
A handy mod to fix a lighting bug in Breezehome.

A Quality World Map - With Roads
The name is also a good description. Handy to have. There are a few variations.

Mods that are more for my personal preferences, yet still useful.

Leveling Destruction Perks
Destruction Perks now give minor bonuses to magic damage. Also makes dual cast cost more reasonable, and lessens the odd thing of magic regen restrictions during combat. (was 33% regen during combat, mod makes it 75%)

Maximum Player Runes minimod
Set max player Runes to 2, 4, 8 or 16. Makes magic traps not suck, since they are so expensive that it is hard to use them in quick succession. Handy for allowing time to actually set up more elaborate traps, and making sure some hostile NPC that was sniped a long ways away does not weave their way to the character's exact position in one piece.

Scaling Elemental Runes
Dead link for some reason (Skyrim Nexus now says it doesn't exist), I can't even find it now on Skyrim Nexus now with the search option.
If I remember correctly, it made elemental runes be more useful, such as being affected by Perks such as the Augmented element perks, which I guess originally did not affect the Rune spells. I think it also altered dual casting with runes, but am not sure since the mod file I have has no readme in the zip.

Essential followers plugins
For those times when the Artificial Intelligence of followers behaves more like Artificial Stupidity... or Lemmings 3D... and to prevent constant reloading during major battles because a favored follower wants to do anything but stay alive, or when they have the habit to wander (or even crawl wounded) into your field of fire when trying to fireball an annoying Dragon Priest...
Does need to be disabled for one of the stock quests to work properly.

Essential horses
To prevent Artificial Stupidity from getting to expensive when it comes to horses...

I also use a few others, but they are more for personal preferences, and not really worth mentioning, such as texture mods to make it so the NPCs don't all look like they are on the 'not so well aged' side of things, or that deal with other little quirks I don't like, like tweaking pick pocket min/max chances, or bow sneak damage seeming a bit low.

There are a few mods I haven't actually tried out yet, but which do look very interesting.

Midas Magic
Still a little 'WIP' by the looks of it, but it looks very interesting due to adding dozens of new spells.
Once the Conjure Dragonling issue is fixed (buggy animation, doesn't attack) and the autosave crash issue is resolved with the Aurum Reactors (which might be fixed), I will give it a try.

Dovahkiin Hideout
A large underground 'house', it has doors to all the player houses (the doors are locked like the front doors of the houses, so you need to actually own the houses to use the doors leading to them). From what I understand, the maker of it (Shawkab) started work before the Creation Kit was even released.
I am still debating if I want to get player housing mods yet, otherwise I would have gotten it downloaded and installed already.
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