Crysis 2 v1.9 incl Ultra and High-res textures pack

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Re: Crysis 2 v1.9 incl Ultra and High-res textures pack

Postby Blín D'ñero » 23 May 2012, 18:40

Copied/pasted my posts on another forum; might come in handy for a thread here (with screenshots) where i show all glitches i encountered.

In Crysis 2, sometimes after loading / reloading, some objects /elements don't appear. So you're seeing a room full of aliens standing in the air because the steel containers haven't loaded.
I blame Crytek for the massive amount of graphical bugs in the game.

some more examples...

HMG you drop to the ground (to pick up later) disappearing, depending on where you throw it. the edge of rubble, in a shallow water pool, in an elevator...
In some cases, with "nanovision enabled" you can see it lying there but you cannot pick it up.

An oil can you move and place a few meters away (out of the line of fire by the alien ship) disappearing depending on your angle of view, walk to the left it reappears, walk to the right it disappears again.

I must have played the game 50 times (and now on my 51th), because it is so dynamic.
I should continue LaNoire (i'm somewhere in the middle), but it's so slooow or a few other games i've nstalled, but Crysis 2 is instant fun, so i keep replaying it.

Not only the glitches on the graphical side annoy/amuse me, also the dirty 'Crytek-given' trick to the AI of spawning behind your back, out of thin air. And sometimes, the AI programming seems to be corrupted at the moment of level loading, which results in the mercs that are supposed to spread over the map and hunt you down, instead are standing in a line, blind and deaf, in a corner of the map, so you can approach them and kill one after the other!
And even worse: sometimes if you then reload last checkpoint, those corpses of their collegues are still on the floor so you can kill a next set of 6 mercs that fall on top of them!

Crysis 2 polished???
On one place, a waterfall that interrupts before reaching the ground, on the other (2 levels further in the game) an uninterrupted splash without a waterfall causing it...

Squashing those robo-insects, sometimes (umm, 5 out of 10) is delayed: if the option in words (to squash them) does not appear onscreen, you know the bug is triggered (no idea by what): most of the times you'll be too slow to squash one, but when you manage, you see it happening in slow motion. When the bug appears or not seems completely random. It can just so happen that you're in a bug-free round, i've had that too: instant-squash on every insect. And then a next round i started a new game, slow squashing. I wish i knew why that happens so i could prevent it. Nope, one of those Crytek mysteries.

polished = after the product is finished, the worker polishes it to bring the surface closer to perfection.

Instead, they did not even close that hole in the rubble through which you can reach the outsides of the map (after which you can dive and swim in the non-existing "water" which triggers that you can free-fly through the entire map).

Instead of polished i would say the game is rushed (the DX 11 high res texture pack, the gaming community was waiting for).
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